Choosing the right level and the amount of coaching is often a difficult task. The confidence and enjoyment that children get out of tennis comes when they start to feel they are mastering some of the skills. Our coaches love seeing children come back time and time again, searching for free courts, and practicing tennis skills at home. You don’t need a tennis court to practice, even ball tosses for your serve with your less favoured arm is something that can be done at home.

All our juniors must join Karori United Tennis Club. As a junior they are entitled to come to the Junior Night 5-30-7pm on a Friday night, which is a mixture of games built around fun and developing skills, with the added bonus of a free BBQ sausage in the middle of it. (We cater for vegetarians with vegetarian sausages as well).

How much tennis should I do ?

Many parents will have read Open by Andre Agassi and may form a view that given his success that is a guide to how much tennis should be played. Andre had to do a million returns per year from the “rocket” (the ball machine his father engineered to deliver balls at the same speed as many professional players serve now). That meant that each day Andre had to do over 3000 returns. CAPITAL COACHING DO NOT AGREE WITH THIS COACHING METHOD, and the way Andre portrays it, nor did he.

Tennis has to be fun, to keep interest and enthusiasm up, and the level of training needs to be guided by the enthusiasm of the junior. On occasions they might need a nudge, but we encourage parents to keep a positive view on tennis and listen to the signs of fatigue and disinterest. Please engage with the coach, they know how to help rekindle the interest.

We recommend:

For novices who haven’t played before we recommend at least a squad per week to start with, and coming to the junior club night on a Friday night (5,30pm – 7pm) because it is free and works on skills. If the enthusiasm is there, parents might also consider a private lesson to build technique;

For relative beginners and those who are little older children and with good hand eye coordination we strongly recommend a squad and at least one term of private lessons – to make sure they get the individual attention on their grips and technique. We also recommend attending the junior club night.

For the intermediate students we recommend two squads or one squad and a private lesson per week.

For advance players we recommend two squads and one private per week.

Capital Coaching provide three options

Squads – a maximum of 7 students in 45- and 60-minute options. We recommend that novice and beginner levels do 45-minute squads and by the time they are aged 9-11, or are showing good advancement, they move to hour-long sessions.

Private lessons – one-on-one lessons in 30-, 45-, and 60-minute options. Shared Privates – we allow a shared option for same family or children of the same aged (provided they line up the other player and we agree they are of comparable ability).

For junior coaching we provide coaching at various levels.

Wherever possible we target moving juniors from one grade to another over time and to be with friends. Once juniors are moving into Intermediate and above it is far more skills based. Unfortunately this runs a risk of not playing with close friends who may not be at the same level (higher or lower). We offer six levels of coaching.

Novices should be for one term only and then move to beginners squads

Beginners should be those who have some experience and can master general ground strokes, backhand and serves.

This is a category for those wanting to advance quickly, who have good hand eye contact, have mastered the skills in Novice and those who are a little older. Emerging players would normally be expected to be playing interclub to get game time. Emerging players may be starting to play tournaments.

This is for more those well progressed in tennis, playing tournaments and interclub at A, B and C levels.

Players who are playing A and Regional and Adult grade interclub, entering tournaments.

Performance Squad (by invitation)
Players committed to playing in tournaments and committed to high levels of training (minimum of 4 days a week).

Costs of Coaching

45-minute duration

$140per term for 10 lessons (or pro rata if the term is shorter)

Squads 45-minute duration

$170 per term for 10 lessons (or pro rata if the term is shorter).

Private Lessons

$40 for 30 minutes $55 for 45 minutes $70 for 60 minutes

If players are doing 3 sessions made up of squads or privates per week we offer a 15% discount on the total.